Nicolas Winding Refn.

This is the story of Michael Gordon Peterson, self-proclaimed “The most dangerous prisoner in the U.K.”. We learn that his fight promoter renamed him Charles Bronson.

Bronson (Tom Hardy) has always wanted to be famous. Unfortunately, the only idea he had to reach his goal was to rob a bank. He got a 7 years jail sentence becoming quickly 30 years for his bad behaviour. He felt at home in prison and could express himself as an artist…

When you will check the trailer below you might get excited. The movie is not as good as the teaser but it is worth a view, not only for the brilliant Tom Hardy; Alternating between scenes in jail and scene in a theatre in front of a fake crowd, the movie becomes innovative and different. But it leaves you with a feeling of something unfinished!

You have to make your own idea about the movie!

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