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Brian Bielmann

Brian is a 52 years old Hawaiian photographer (32 years of work) who works with Volcom, Redbull, Transworld surf… When I saw the portrait of Andy Irons underwater on Redbull Illume, I immediately googled him to see more of it! This was a brilliant idea!!!

On Brian Bielmann Photography, you will understand easily why I did an article about him! There is a collection of amazing underwater photographies (the most difficult conditions and random results). Brian offers us a total different view of the surf world and shares what he calls “being in an alternate dimension”. An alternate dimension he likes to stay in for 3 or 4 hours someday… His favorite spots are the Fiji, Indonesia, Tahiti and Hawaii

The strength of the waves is even more astonishing seen from above.

The other portfolios are worth a visit (or more). Tons of great surf pictures that made many magazines covers. I have seen all of his pictures on the webiste and you should do so!

A documentary about his work and himself should come up soon, stay tuned!

Here is his Facebook Page for regular updates.

Here is my personnal short selection (above, Dream of Life – Brian’s favorite):

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